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Human Asset HR

Top Recruitment Firm of Mumbai serving Industries since 2006.

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Human Asset HR, C-203, Gagangiri Park, Samata Nagar,
Ramchandra nagar 3, Thane West 400 604.

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Phone: +91 9987952846 

At Human Asset HR we understand where you as a candidate are coming from. We have been through the process just like you! You will be speaking to a qualified IT consultant instead of trying to explain your skills and expertise to someone who will not understand, appreciate or deliver them to a potential employer. Your unique skills will be interpreted to assist us in placing you in a position which maximises your capabilities. Our aim is for the both the candidate and the client to be satisfied.

In the competitive job market, you want the best team promoting you. At Human Asset HR we have the respect of our clients, and demand for our services is growing daily!

Human Asset HR will take the time to understand your unique situation, your aspirations and desires and will take you to the next step in your career.

Send us your resume on and let us assist you.
Human Asset HR is committed to providing a tailored end to end service to its clients resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes without compromising our professional and ethical standards. We build partnerships with our candidates and clients to ensure we understand each parties goals and deadlines.

At Human Asset HR, we share ideas, knowledge & experience to deliver outstanding results to our clients. We also invest heavily in staff training and ensuring our team is equipped with the specialist skills necessary to perform to the highest possible standards.

How we are different

1. We learn your Business

A successful long term employee/employer relationship is more than just matching skills with job responsibilities. Company culture, personal goals and values must align and this can only occur when we understand what makes you tick.

At Human Asset HR, we want to have a long term relationship with your business, and that means understanding your business; past, present and future. Our consultants are encouraged to add value to our clients by investing time into a thorough and structured Recruitment process.

2. We are Transparent and Honest in our Commitments

Our vision is to change the negative perception of Recruiters in India, and we are here for the long haul. Our clients value our honesty, and appreciate our passion for it, even if it's not always good news.

3. Our Consultants share long term Relationship

Ironically, the recruitment industry is notorious for its high staff turnover. At Human Asset HR, we pay above market rates, and have an aggressive staff retention plan ensuring your consultant is not going anywhere. Human Asset HR has a strong reputation within the Recruitment industry, allowing our consultants to have purpose and take pride in the results they deliver to our clients.

4. We are Actively Involved in the Industries that we Service

At Human Asset HR we are a specialist recruitment company with consultants dedicated to specific industries. Each consultant has a minimum of 3 years experience within their chosen discipline meaning they will understand your technical requirements and are only going to send relevant candidates in response to a vacancy.

This passion extends into our participation in a number of industry associations/groups. We believe being actively involved in the community is an essential part of creating value for our clients.

5. We are a ‘new age’ Consultancy

At Human Asset HR we are young, dynamic, and understand that the world is changing. We were born with, and leverage tools such as social networking, blogs, viral marketing and web advertising to ensure we connect with candidates who may not necessarily be looking for roles on job boards or in the paper. We also understand the value of face to face networking and being actively involved in the industry’s we service.
Human Asset HR has a strong reputation for having experienced consultants who understand the unique requirements of specific industry verticals. Through our dedicated specialist consultants, Human Asset HR is able to deliver people solutions that align with your corporate culture and also meet your technical requirements.

At Human Asset HR, we are passionate about what we do; we take pride in offering measurable value to our clients. Being a boutique firm we are also able to offer personalised service and the flexibility to go that extra mile for our customers.

There is no team of specialists who will work harder to get the right person for your organisation. As each of our consultants has been in the industry for a number of years, we have access to a large network of professionals that we are in constant contact with. This assists us in finding the right candidate for your vacancy.

Human Asset HR can assist your organisation with the following:

Permanent Staff


Temp Staffing

HR Consulting
To be the most respected, profitable & highly valued International specialist staffing business

Our approach is simple.
»   Build valuable, continuous CLIENT relationships
»   Provide competitive & relevant, specialist SERVICES
»   Develop talented & committed PEOPLE Whilst continuing to expand our global footprint, increase performance & reduce unnecessary costs (GROWTH & SUSTAINABILITY).

Our Mission Statement:

“To place as many qualified candidates in their rightful vocation with prominent, stable, well-established and dynamic organizations, thereby creating fulfillment, happiness and prosperity for all parties concerned”.


Typically, our clients have come to us because they do not have a fully fledged human resources department to recruit top quality permanent staff on all levels or, their corporate Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams aren't proactively scouting and connecting with talent and laying the groundwork for the kind of dialogue that could eventually culminate with the highly qualified individuals joining the company.

Every company says they want to hire the best people, but the reality is that for most employers that goal is not attainable, either because their talent acquisition process is disjointed, their compensation practices are inflexible, and/or their research and competitive intelligence activities aren't connected to their recruiting process. This has frequently resulted in costly hiring mistakes because of a “hit and miss” approach to recruitment due to:

A limited network of candidates to choose from OR
Poor screening processes OR
Simply because they do not have the time or expertise to recruit efficiently

Poor hiring mistakes can be enormously expensive leading to poor company moral and lost productivity.

We listen. We care. We understand.

We build relationships that connect the best people with the best opportunities to create something bigger and better for both.

We are an independent agency with a reputation based upon professionalism and honesty. Our experienced consultants have a wealth of industry knowledge and an excellent understanding of their local market. The reliability of our service sees clients from global organisations to SME’s choosing to work with us; building long term relationships is something we pride ourselves on. Our service is tailored to the individual needs of you, our client, whether you are looking for temporary reception cover, a permanent PA or contract office manager. We are a client-led agency who will adapt and deliver to your requirements. Our core business consists of all office support roles but we don’t specialise in a niche area as all of our consultants are highly experienced and used to recruiting across a range of sectors.Just tell us what you are looking for and we will identify the best candidates in the market for you..

What we offer

We understand the importance of company-culture and team-fit when finding the right candidate. Once you have discussed your needs with a consultant they will arrange to visit your company to build a picture of who you are, how you work and who will best fit into your team. We can also offer advice on salary and benchmarking.

Telephone screening and computer assessments are conducted with all applicants. Questions and testing can be adapted to your individual vacancy or temporary requirement.

We meet all of our prospective candidates face to face; We can conduct competency based Interviews to focus on relevant criteria specific to your vacancy or booking if required.

Permanent recruitment

If we can’t find exactly the candidate you are looking for from our extensive database we will proactively search the market, tailoring our advertising to bring in the right people.

A shortlist will then be sent to you in the time frame specified with the top candidates that we feel are the right calibre and company fit. If we don’t have anyone suitable we will be honest - we are not in the business of wasting your time with the wrong people.

During this process the consultant working on your role will keep in touch in your preferred method of contact to keep you updated with progress and arrange interviews.

Should you wish to conduct interviews away from your office, perhaps for those roles that are confidential, we have in-house interviewing facilities which you are welcome to use as part our service.

Temporary recruitment

We have an excellent up-to-date database of proven, reliable and fully referenced temporary staff and are able to fill urgent booking within a matter of hours. For longer term temporary contracts we will follow the same procedure as above.

Why We

We pay careful attention during the selection and recruitment process and ensure that the professionals recruited by us have a productive and positive attitude. We also ensure that the recruitments are tailor made to precisely fit client's requisite hiring needs and financial concerns.

Some of the salient features that help us stand apart in the national and international markets are:
»  We are fully committed towards providing constructive value additions to our clients.
»  Our team of professionals is trained to give a progressive service support to our clients.
»  We efficiently use our resources and use them optimally.
»   We have developed innovative interview techniques, which are handled by industry experts.
»   It helps us in providing the suitable client to the employers.
»  Our large database and innovating talent searching abilities help us in easy meet requirements at both the national and international levels.
»  We are known for providing the professionals who are among the best available in the industry.
»  We ensure with the help of our value matching services, that selected candidates are the best matches for the prospective employers. 

Our Strengths

Some of our strengths that help us to maintain a steady growth rate in the manpower recruitment and consultancy services are:
»  Our professional competence in meeting various issues relating to employees and employers requisite requirements.
»  Our quick response time in understanding and meeting the given targets.
»  We believe and imbibe superior quality in our range of services.
» We practice ethical business standards and are known for our dedication, sincerity and committed work atmosphere. 

Our Team

Our professional team of experts fully understand the requirements of the job and work dedicatedly towards meeting their given targets. Their concentrated approach makes them an important part and backbone of our organization's success.

Our Infrastructural Facilities

Our infrastructural facilities comprise of modern facilities comprising of latest communication equipment, conference rooms and other allied facilities aiding us in ably handling our operations. Our well-equipped facilities also use integrated recruitment technologies and a team of expert recruiters. All these and many more facilities available with us help us in a faster expedition of the entire work process.

Our Work Process

We start with searching our exhaustive database for right credentials. Once prospective candidates are identified, our industry experts conduct in-depth interviews with each individuals obtaining detailed information. We also look on their personal traits and ability to play a constructive part in a vibrant and productive team atmosphere. Only after candidates clears all these tests, they are forwarded to our prospective clients. It ensures that our clients get only the best manpower aiding in positive growth of the company.

Our Selection Process

We have a rigorous and in depth selection process. While selecting we give prime attention to the industry specific skills of the prospective candidates. Our effective and innovative selection techniques not only help in weeding out incompatible candidates but also ensure that candidates selected by us are nothing but the best available in the market.

Our Range of Services

With team of industry experts and their dedicated and positive approach, we offer a wide range of services for prospective employers as well as job seekers.

Services For Employers

»  Human Resource Consultant.
»  We have an extensive data base of potential candidates and have abundance of experience and expertise in understanding clients manpower requirements.
»  It has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the top human resource consultants.
»  Recruitment Solution We offer to our employers a high level of expertise in national and international manpower recruitment.
»  Our deep understanding of the markets enable us to provide efficient recruitment solutions to our clients.

Services Offered For Job Seekers

We offer prime opportunities to the job seekers in the national markets. Our company database and list of reputed employers are an immense help to the potential employees who are looking out for change of job.

About us

Human Asset HR is an established generalist recruitment firm that has been serving prominent clients across India with permanent staffing since 2005. We have quickly built an enviable reputation as a brand synonymous with passion, professionalism, partnership and integrity. Combining the industry's highest achievers with state-of-the-art technology and the absolute belief in the quality of service they provide, we have made a substantial impact on the recruitment marketplace. We offer recruitment services on a national basis to both large and mid-sized companies in the IT, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, service, construction and industrial related industries.

We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients, and go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates.

Human Asset HR is committed to providing a tailored end to end service to its clients resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes without compromising our professional and ethical standards. We build partnerships with our candidates and clients to ensure we understand each parties goals and deadlines.

At Human Asset HR, we share ideas, knowledge & experience to deliver outstanding results to our clients. We also invest heavily in staff training and ensuring our team is equipped with the specialist skills necessary to perform to the highest possible standards.

We listen. We care. We understand.

We build relationships that connect the best people with the best opportunities to create something bigger and better for both.